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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Are the classes for absolute beginners conducted in Serbian?
  2. No, in the beginning the classes are conducted in English.

  3. Do you organise lodging for students of Serbian?
  4. No, we don’t. During the academic year, the students have to find board and lodging on their own. We do that only for the participants of the Summer school.

  5. Can we get board and lodging at the dormitory?
  6. Board and lodging in the dormitory are available only to exchange students in some of the international students’ mobility projects and programmes.

  1. When should I apply for winter/spring semester? Should it be done several months in advance?
  2. Application deadline is 25th September for winter semester, and 20th January for spring semester. There is no need to apply several months in advance.

  3. Can I apply for your grant in winter/spring semester?
  4. There is no possibility for the Faculty to give grants to students during the academic year. We do that only for the Summer school students. For grants, please contact Serbian Ministry of Education or the corresponding ministry in your country.

  5. Where are your students from?
  6. Our students come from various European countries (Greece, Great Britain, France, Portugal, Austria, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Check Republic, Spain, Norway, Italy...), Korea and the United States of America.

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