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The classes are organised according to the requirements of the communicative method, which means that the primary goal is reaching communicative competence. Other methods are used, as well, due to the characteristics of Serbian (overt inflection).

The classes are held at the Faculty, in the classrooms equipped with the tools necessary for successful teaching-learning environment according to modern methodology requirements. Modern books and materials have been devised to satisfy the needs of the course and meet the expectations of the workload standards for each level.

1. Courses during the academic year:

  • pre-preparatory courses
  • preparatory courses
  • semester courses
  • individual courses

2. Online course – Serbian for beginners

3. International Summer School of Serbian Language, Culture and History.

  • Pre-preparatory courses

    The classes are intended for those who want a fast track to other university classes or want to continue learning Serbian at a higher level within semester courses at the Centre. This is an intensive four-week course which is organised during September, before the beginning of the academic year.

    Only group applications will be processed (for a group between 8-10 students). Individual applications are not possible. Number of classes and tuition fees shall be agreed with each group separately. The application deadline is June 1.

  • Preparatory courses

    The programme of the Centre includes a preparatory year of study for those who intend to study at the University of Novi Sad or other university in Serbia. The courses for these students last for two semesters (one academic year) with the syllabus corresponding to the A2+/B1 level of acquiring basic language skills - listening, reading, speaking and writing.

    level semester Number of classes per week Total number of classes TOTAL AMOUNT PER SEMESTER
    A1/A2/B1/B2 winter 4 56 26.400 RSD (224 €)
    spring 4 64 30.200 RSD (256 €)
  • Semester courses

    The courses are organised during the academic year (from October until June). They last for 14 weeks in winter semester and 16 weeks in spring semester.

    level semester Number of classes per week Total number of classes 8 STUDENS PER GROUP
    A1/A2/B1/B2 Winter 4 56 26.400 RSD (224 €)
    spring 4 64 30.200 RSD (256 €)
    C1 winter 4 56 52.800 RSD (448 €)
    spring 4 64 60.400 RSD (512 €)
  • Individual Courses

    They are organised and conducted from September until June. One class lasts for 45 minutes and costs 18 Euros.

  • Online course

      Learn Serbian online – Serbian for beginners
    • interactive
    • saves time and money
    • available 24/7
    • teacher's support

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